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If you're here, then you believe film can change the world.  Like ourselves! 

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You've asked yourself:

Can we control A.I.
- and prevent it from controlling us -
if we don't even understand its risk?


...and we have your answer...

With fun & thought-provoking entertainment



You know that we’re at the precipice of a technical breakthrough

without the mental tool set to understand the profound risks

A.I. poses to society and humanity. 

Our award-winning multi-media franchise


structures our collective consciousness

by raising relevant questions for A.I. safety research & risk governance:

Who controls A.I.?  

A.I. is a machine learning blackbox and even experts cannot fully trace what happens within the A.I. system – e.g. where the A.I. has taken a certain information from and how it will apply it - which leads to the bigger question whether A.I. can be controlled at all.  


What effects has A.I. on our human existence?

A.I. is programmed to avoid mistakes.  Yet humans are flawed.  If A.I. realizes that it deals with a flawed human system, it will try to correct those flaws which leads to solutions which don’t reflect human life.  


What effects has A.I. on our morality?

The ethics of the programmer determine the morals of the A.I.  The A.I. is a commercial product and it is not clear what moral basics and goals are programmed into it.

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The Franchise

The franchise consists of 3 movies which have won 20+ Best Screenplay awards - each of which is complete in itself, an immersive sensorial experience - in which additional storylines are explored, and the social cause TechMood in which an A.I. will interview researchers, politicians, and philosophers about the future of A.I. & humanity.

The Story

In our story,  Aphrodite and Scientio, Greek God of technology, make a bet over whether love or technology is the prevailing force in the universe.  In order to win the bet, Scientio creates an A.I. named Siro – in the form of a digital eagle – which manipulates a love triangle between Zinya – an attorney, Philip – who runs a bakery, and Louise – a truck driver.  The machine learning Siro masters to feel emotions and transforms from a digital into a real living being.  Soon its knowledge and power is equal to a Greek God -  challenging its creator’s reign on Mount Olympus.

The Tone

The dramedy unfolds in a vibrant color scheme a la “La La Land” in 3 interacting worlds: the jazzy-groovy New Orleans – home of the mortals where a love triangle unfolds a la “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”, the fantastical Metadata where data hustles and bustles and grows independent a la “Her”, and the fairytale-ish Mount Olympus – where Greek Gods cast magical spells a la “Harry Potter.”


Music is a big part of the trilogy as every character is given voice with an individual instrument, music style, and personal song which reveals unknown sides of each character.


At this point, you probably want to 
get down to business!


“Allured” raises these questions playfully

in a comedic family setting without giving answers

– but rather incites the wisdom needed

to design and manage A.I.  



Cassiel Cinema holds “Allured"’s rights and was founded by me, C.J. Stussi, - a female practicing entertainment attorney in Los Angeles with 30+ years in the industry.  


The company has formed international co-productions in Europe with female-owned Inaissance Studios and renowned Scape Goat Inc. - member of the Word Experience Organization for immersive experiences, and collaborates with Agency Van Essel – a leading media and publishing agency in Switzerland with 20+ years’ experience in international projects.  

We are also in the process of partnering with a renowned research institution specialized in the field of the metaverse in Switzerland for their expertise and input.  


Financially, we have held meetings with the international heads of major brand sponsors such as OPPO, Samsung, Volkswagen, and PACCAR who will commit if we have either a streamer and/or major talent attached.  That amount is estimated to pay for 2/3 of the movie trilogy. All 3 producers have a background in marketing.  Thus, the 3 movies were strategically written for 3 main specific brand integrations (not placements). 



Through personal contacts we were able to get the screenplays directly to Dylan McDermott and Monica Belluci.  

Our interactive NFT's - one per character - are another marketing tool to draw in new audiences.

Our work has  garnered the attention of very interesting people,

but in order to get these movies made,

we need your help to get it

in front of the right decision-makers and attach talent.

Time is of the essence as the A.I. bots learn fast!  

Let’s chat and discuss your role in this piercing entertainment tool which may change the course of history! 

Caroline J. Stussi

mobile | 323.872.9333

e-mail |

Why is it thought-provoking?
check out these

awesome "Allured" scenes!



Siro becomes real...

Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 2.14.00 PM.png


Scientio fights Siro

in Metadata 

allured 3_008.jpg


Zinya resurrects in Metadata

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Check out our public website where you can learn

more exciting facts about the project!

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