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WINNER - New York Movie Awards - August
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The Film Trilogy

Allured is a colorful story told in three films populated by clumsy Greek Gods, enchanted artificial intelligence (AI), and wonderfully naive humans. 

The irascible Greek gods make a wager: which rules the universe: Love or Technology?  To win the bet, they create Siro, an AI which plays out the bet by manipulating a very human love triangle here on planet Earth.

As ABBA sings in The Winner Takes It All:

The gods may throw a dice
Their minds as cold as ice
And someone way down here
Loses someone dear


Zinya - a practical lawyer, Philip - a friendly neighborhood baker, and Louise - a long-distance truck driver fall into A Midsummer Night’s Dream-like love affair that sets off a chain of events that will never leave them the same – it also just happens to decide the fate of the world. 

Our earthly setting vacillates between colorful, boisterous New Orleans and a cross country road trip on Route 66 – an American pastoral turned upside-down by divine interference.  

But our gods are in for a surprise too: the AI grows stronger than their flimsy lightning rods and they ultimately seek the help of the very humans they set up. 


To get a sense of the tone, think

Thor: Love & Thunder and Free Guy with the whimsical magic of La La Land. 


For a glimpse into the world check this out! 








Arnold Schwarzenegger & Salma Hayek in

BMW’s 2022 SuperBowl Commercial directed by Bryan Buckley.

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