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WINNER - European Cinema Festival - Febr
WINNER - Eurasia International Monthly F
WINNER - Best Global Shorts - 2021 India

Social Impact

The film trilogy Allured creates a foundation of thought with the potential to shape public perceptions and attitudes towards the opportunities and challenges of technology.  


Allured’s playful tone humanizes technology and encourages to engage more deeply with the technology while the magic spells of the Greek gods also explore technology's potential risks.


Given the revolutionary impact technology has on our lives, we created the social cause:   



which illuminates the 
Opportunities and C
hallenges of Technology
- a topic that defines all aspects of our lives!

TechMood is the research arm of Allured.

It's aimed to become a central information source about technology.  An AI avatar will conduct interviews with will interview researchers, politicians, and philosophers about the future of technology.  

In that sense, TechMood is also an experiment of how AI reflects itself - what questions AI deems relevant about the opportunities and challenges of technology.  

We also plan interactive viral campaigns & media challenges to raise awareness about the topic.  

The opportunities and challenges of technology are multifaceted.  Allured and TechMood foster a greater understanding of it and contribute to more informed and productive conversations about its role in society.  

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