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ZEUS (70’s), silver-haired Lord of the Gods. He is wise, cocky, charming, angry - usually one when you think he's the other, but always ready for a fling.


You might not want him as your friend, but you definitely don't want him as your enemy. Beside him, women are the most predictable of all things.

His movements are large and perfectly balanced, like those of a wild animal held in a cage too small for it.

Reggae beats to his DRUM only.

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HERA (70’s), goddess of marriage, women, the sky and most importantly, sister and wife of Zeus.

She wears a lily in her hair which exudes a fresh and sweet scent but turns bitter and soapy if you taste it and golden earrings in the shape of apples.

Her white dress looks elegant in a feminine, but not exotic fashion. Her beauty is of such polish that it cannot hold a man's interest.

She is childlike yet mature, faithful but jealous, supportive though vengeful. One day she could rule Mount Olympus, if she just recognized it.

Flutes and stamps to a furious FLAMENCO RHYTHM.

HERA V3_color.jpg


APHRODITE (50s), Goddess of Beauty and Love, marble white skin, wears an orange, body-hugging robe made out of crepe paper, which dramatically flares out from the knee down, and matching long opera gloves.


Her copper hair is tied into a topknot.

Her authoritative extravaganza suffocates a deep, purulent wound so it won't ooze into the healing daylight.

Rocks the Harp to HEAVY METAL.



SCIENTIO (50s), gender-curious God of Science. He wears a white, leather, long coat, matching chaps and a gun holster with a cell phone sticking out of it. Underneath, a vest spun out of ultra thin electronic fibers reflects the light.

His eyes move erratically. He looks like a crossover between a squinting gunslinger and a nerdy, genuine inventor.

Riffs his Tanbur to TECHNO.

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SIRO, an enchanted cell phone that can magically shape-shift back and forth from a cell phono to a virtual assistant in the form of a digital eagle.

Learns to Alphorn to FUNK.

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LOUISE (33), she’s the cute, low maintenance girl next door who isn't afraid to climb a tree, shoot a gun, and drink mediocre bourbon. She won't bring you iced tea when you work, but rather be working next to you. She exudes a vulnerability that masks a strength she doesn't know exists.

Whistles and Burps to Country.



PHILIP (35), charismatic, he looks suave and debonair.

He’s the type who’s not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve, which attracts as many women as men envy it. He always goes first and chooses the biggest audience. Society doesn't define him. He defines it. In short: a sweet badass.

His French Horn vibes with JAZZ.

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ZINYA (34), radiant smile, fair-skinned, brown hair with side bangs. An air of mystery and vibrancy around her.

She is slender, outwardly confident, and triggers a man's hunting instinct because she will never be fully yours even if she is.

Her Violin solos to CLASSICAL Music.

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